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Car oscilloscope | Car multifunction oscilloscope | Car electronic control fault simulation system (fault master)

JG-C8 car multifunction oscilloscope | JG-G3 car electric control fault simulation system (fault master)

指标: ¨ 示波器类型:软件示波器; ¨ 双时基,两路示波器同时显示8通道波形; ¨ 8通道波形单独显示; ¨ 8路指示条显示电压; ¨ 电压范围: ±200V,分辨率:12bit; ¨ 脉冲发生功能:2通道;频率计数功能:2通道; ¨ 波形信号发生功能:2通道;能发生函数:正弦,方波,三角波,方波; 功能: ¨ 8通道波形同时显示或分别显示;示波器时间轴、纵坐标可任意调节; ¨ 系统更侧重波形触发功能,对同一路波形信号可以用两路基于不同时钟的示波器同时显示,并且两路示波器可以选择不同的触发条件筛选信号;不仅有电压门限触发,还具备时延触发等多种触发条件,功能强大; ¨ 触发及显示设置可以灵活配置,并且可以存储,供下次采集使用; ¨ 数据可存储,历史数据可浏览,回显; ¨ 可捕捉瞬时画面; 应用: 具备通用 Specifications of JG-C8 automotive multi-function oscilloscope : ¨ Oscilloscope type: software oscilloscope; ¨ Dual time base, two oscilloscopes display 8-channel waveforms at the same time; ¨ 8-channel waveforms are displayed separately; ¨ 8-channel bar display voltage; ¨ Voltage range: ± 200V, resolution: 12bit; ¨ Pulse generation function: 2 channels; Frequency counting function: 2 channels; ¨ Waveform signal generation function: 2 channels; Can generate functions: sine, square wave, triangle wave, square wave; Function: ¨ 8 channels The waveforms are displayed simultaneously or separately; the oscilloscope time axis and ordinate can be adjusted arbitrarily; ¨ The system focuses more on the waveform trigger function. The same waveform signal can be displayed simultaneously by two oscilloscopes based on different clocks, and the two oscilloscopes can choose different Trigger condition screening signal; not only voltage threshold trigger, but also multiple trigger conditions such as delay trigger, powerful; ¨ Trigger and display settings can be flexibly configured, and can be stored for next acquisition; ¨ Data can be stored, history The data can be browsed and displayed; ¨ can capture the instantaneous picture; Application: with universal The wave generator function is mainly used to detect and analyze the waveforms of various car signals, such as: carburetor frequency, ABS wheel speed, electric signal of the fuel injector, and exhaust gas recirculation position adjustment signal; the system already has some typical cars The configuration information of the electronic control system can be modified based on the original configuration information, or customized by the user to meet the needs of his own car or the situation on site. The following is a list of some typical signal acquisition configuration information: ABS Wheel speed sensor signal;? Cam position sensor signal;? Data bus information;? Knock sensor? Intake air flow sensor signal;? Intake manifold pressure sensor signal;? Oxygen sensor signal; and so on. System operating mode:? Portable notebook computer monitoring;? Software oscilloscope operating platform: WIN2000 / XP;? External interface components are provided in the detection device box: signal conditioning box (303 * 113); a variety of signal cables, probes, alligator clamps , Hook probe, etc .; two pairs of current transformers (0 ~ 60A, 0 ~ 600A respectively)
Car oscilloscopeAuto fault simulation system (master of failure)

JG-G3 automobile electronic control fault simulation system (fault master)

The fault master foresaw the problem of today's "big boss" five years ago, and accordingly developed a new "hands-on" training mode, industrialized "master with apprentice", and moved 132 common cases of auto repair failures to The training classroom makes the trainees confident, thinking, practical, and combined with practical experience to complete the pre-graduation internship and eventually become a qualified auto repair technician.
The employers hope that the company will be short and quick, and they can get started after taking up their posts. They do not want to run the company into training courses. This is the result of fierce competition from society and the industry! The auto repair technology is exactly what you want to accumulate, but the speed is not up to speed! This poses a problem for many auto repair schools. How can you make your students have rich maintenance experience as soon as they leave the school, thereby improving students? What about the employment rate?
The Fault MasterTM is based on the trainees' professional training in automotive technology, and cultivates practical skills, so that learners can use digital multimeters and multi-channel digital oscilloscopes as detection tools to repair and diagnose common faults in modern electronically controlled cars. We are convinced that by using a multimedia projector to connect to a PC computer during the training, and after conducting an in-depth analysis of the test results, the trainees will be able to understand the situation in a timely manner at the scene. We also provide relevant testing tools and all instruments for training institutions to choose.
Our company has been certified for many years. The extremely cost-effective tools and meters can enable students to obtain accurate and reliable test results, and it is easier to implement the students' thinking and judgment. The so-called "affordable, sophisticated, and rising skills!"
Training environment:
The current training room is equipped with multiple "training stands" that occupy all the space, such as car lighting circuits, occupying a minimum area of 2x3 meters = 6 square meters, as is the engine training stand, plus environmental noise and exhaust during startup. Emissions have a great impact on classroom teaching! It is not conducive for teachers to visit the students and explain in time. Three years after three years, looking back on what to do!
Failure MasterTM can abandon the old and establish the new, and keep pace with the times! Covers an area of 65x65x18cm, weighs about 20 kilograms, is sealed and dustproof, 10 units cover an area of 0.45 square meters x 1.8 meters high; save a lot of space in the training building, and the fault master TM portable design can be placed on the desktop at will, just connect Connect to AC 220V power supply and it will immediately enter standby mode. When used, the noise will not exceed 35 decibels, no exhaust gas is generated, and frequent replacement of consumable parts is not necessary, which is very conducive to matching the teaching environment and improving the quality of learning, and the students' learning mood and teacher guidance interest can be high.
teaching material:
Traditional textbooks, teachers have a lot of information for class preparation, urgent class hours, and heavy work; Fault Master TM uses comprehensive troubleshooting analysis cases of auto repair experts and senior technicians, organizes expert compilations, pre-edits and provides teacher manuals, and combines the content with Fault Master TM courses It is easy to interpret the case with pictures and texts. It is no different from experts and high labor unions!
The student work page is the same as the course layout of the teacher's manual. However, the students are required to check what they have seen, take notes, and write conclusions! Straightforwardly stated his investigation thinking and test basis; made the teacher know immediately when patrolling the trainees' hands-on ability, and provided guidance and correction when the time came. If necessary, just press the reset button or re-select the course. The training enables the students to make simultaneous progress in the theoretical foundation, simple set-up failure analysis course, mobile phone meeting, problem-solving ability, hands-on and observation using interchange stations!
Teachers can easily teach and trainees are excited!
Failure Master TM Training Room Design Plan Failure Master TM Training Room Design Plan is a preliminary design draft provided by the working group in response to the recommendations of the cooperative training institutions. It is also hoped that representatives from various institutions will give more reasonable suggestions to the working group to improve the following Program. In addition, in order to achieve the goal of zero distance between the failure masters TM and auto repair companies,
Option One:
The failure master TM shares the existing classroom with an area of 8x10 = 80m2, which is suitable for small classes with a base of 35 students. Use your original study desk, whiteboard, and teaching desk.
Power AC220V mains connector, equipped with a proper amount of standard power terminal board for each failure master TM.
Grouped by three students, each group of students uses the station, operates the course, and checks the records. At the same time, it uses the digital multimeter and digital channel oscilloscope as the detection tools for the course.
Each fault master TM covers an area of 65x65x18cm and weighs about 20 kilograms. It can be flexibly placed on the learning desk, connect to the power supply, turn on the power switch, and immediately enter the standby state!
It is easy for teachers to prepare for lessons. The teaching materials provided by Fault Master TM are divided into two parts: teacher manuals and student work pages. There are a total of 132 courses. The relevant courses are easy to classify, in accordance with the progress of the theory, training and craft courses taught by the trainees. Use testing tools to get into test thinking, then record the answers on a worksheet. In the meantime, teachers held manuals and looked at related courses, which included standardized test points, measured performance and annotations. The teacher can further explain and guide the students during the inspection of the hands-on situation of the students. Among them, it only takes 5-15 minutes to complete a course, which greatly brings out the essentials of the teaching of the Master of FailureTM course. No different!
Before the end of the lesson, if some students still ca n’t master the thinking and troubleshooting reasons, they just need to type in the reset course number to make the students repeat the exercise immediately. The impression is particularly new. The group can observe and communicate with the teacher in a timely manner and get more results with less effort. , Teaching environment does not produce noise, exhaust, and does not need to change consumables frequently! Save manpower and material resources, do not waste the most precious class hours!
Option II:
Based on the first plan, there are 50 students. In addition to the need to expand the classroom space, we also hope to be divided into two groups. Group A and Group B will conduct speed-testing competitions. Set up a projector, students can discuss live numbers and waveforms with each other, in-depth understanding of the working principle of engine electronic control technology and detection results when faults occur. Strengthen students' confidence and practical ability,
third solution:
Elite training——Using the advanced design of Fault MasterTM, combined with the maintenance examples and the expectations of maintenance companies, we recommend focusing on short training! The fault master TM course module is summarized, and eight types of circuit fault modules are specially trained. Be sure to practice repeatedly during the lesson every day, complete the essentials of the investigation, and reach the course goal of the day! This is for the trainees who are about to undergo internships. At the same time, some trainees cannot enter the hands-on technical level during the internship period, and lack of confidence and exercise opportunities for intensive training!
In the above plan, the overall goal is to solve the huge social employment problem of a shortage of auto repair skills!

The most effective hands-on training method: As a training system, it is necessary to take into account the practical skills of the trainees and the zero distance with the skills required by the employer. Use this as the gist of the failure master TM development.
Highly integrated basic electronic control circuit module of modern automobile:
Control unit actuator
2. Storage battery, starting circuit
Lighting circuit
4. Relay, motor circuit
5. Ignition circuit
6. Closed-loop control circuit
7. Power up and down circuits: including air conditioning, gearbox, power brake, power steering circuit
8. Cooling control circuit We start with the common faults of car drivers, and use the fault master TM background programmable software to set faults. Students are required to make full use of their analytical capabilities to troubleshoot and find out the cause of the fault. It will be on the fault master TM detection panel. The actual status and test results seen in the 101 circuit test points are clearly filled in on the work page. Teachers compare the conclusions and failure analysis annotations of the manual one by one, discuss them, and have a good grasp of the students' analytical ability and Awareness of circuit principles, correction and evaluation in a timely manner. On the one hand, it can reduce the pressure for teachers to prepare lessons, and at the same time, it can provide students with the opportunity to repeat the review. It is easy to deepen the students' understanding of common problems and avoid delays in the course!
Trouble MasterTM has collected 132 courses (see attachment for details), from shallow to deep, but also needs the assistance of car maintenance experts to restore the practical experience and troubleshooting process of past repair cases to the Trouble MasterTM course. In the middle, let the students practice according to the way of thinking of the experts, so as to avoid detours and avoid mistakes in the car maintenance circle!
The process of car maintenance training is a life-long system, which cannot be achieved in just three to five years in secondary, higher vocational, and technical schools; it is also difficult to become a national master in seven or eight years and internships. Besides, the professional level of maintenance technicians in the field of automobile maintenance is widespread Not high, coupled with unsuccessful learning, it is even more difficult to succeed! It takes another ten years to realize the dream of advanced engineering!
The failure master TM development team gathers many senior engineers in the field of sensor technology. With in-depth mastery of sensors and circuits, they design circuit boards and programs by themselves, and use common tools for car maintenance such as digital multimeters and multi-channel oscilloscopes as popular means of car maintenance. . Among them, the engineers have enriched the OBD II conventional fault code into the course analysis as the basis, and the students do not have to put down the decoder, but they can also take into account the students' failure analysis thinking ability training!
The fault master TM course layout can be called repeatedly as needed, and the simulation fault settings can be reset; thus verifying that the student's troubleshooting conclusion is correct! It is not necessary to replace any sensors and components on the fault master TM detection board during the reset process. In short, if the fault is verified, the fuse needs to be replaced. The student only needs to press the programming key to reset, which is equivalent to the fuse being replaced! The advantage is that it saves a lot of economic burden of replacement and loss of teaching hours in training! !!
The first stage of training is the best way to explain the brightness of the light circuit. Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's law are the best methods. The problem of the light circuit in the training can be observed by the light intensity of the light on the fault master panel (see picture). Students use digital multimeters to check circuit faults, troubleshoot problems, and gain a deeper understanding of basic circuit laws. Students think and master these laws, they can carry out more in-depth fault difficulty, such as relay motor circuit diagnosis courses ... (see the following legend for details)

Digital multimeters and digital oscilloscopes can be used on all circuits and test points on the Fault MasterTM panel.

Digital multimeters and digital oscilloscopes can be used on all circuits and test points on the Fault MasterTM panel.

The AMP current probe waveform includes: fuel injector, EGR solenoid valve, ignition coil, fuel pump and the faults caused by it.

There are 101 detection points arranged on the fault master TM panel. These points are arranged according to the car circuit diagram.

The detection points are designed in 3 colors: black (ground), red (power) and white (input and output).

Failure MasterTM uses the engine's original parts like real car tests.

  1. Engine Water Temperature Sensor A 2-wire negative temperature coefficient sensor.

  2. Saturated Injector It is precisely controlled-it generates spikes and constant operating waveforms.

  3. Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid, which is controlled by PCM duty cycle.

  4. Jumper pins are used to open and close circuits during detection and diagnosis.

  1. The crankshaft trigger is a magneto-electric pulse position sensor. The cam trigger is a Hall-effect position sensor. Both sensors can be turned by hand or driven by an engine.

  2. The ignition module is an electronic spark control module.

  3. Program control knob gear position control display window reading.

  4. The spark plug can see weak sparks or no sparks in its gap.

  5. O2 heated relay oxygen sensor, controlled by PCM to pull down the primary circuit to ground.

  6. O2 heated zirconia sensor for collecting power waveforms.

  7. Engine water temperature control knob control ECT input signal to PCM

  1. Throttle position sensor 3-wire potentiometer, instead of throttle angle signal.

  2. The fuel pump relay is controlled by a PCM or a toggle switch. The PCM sends the battery voltage to the primary circuit.

  3. The fuel pump motor is controlled by a relay, simulating any type of relay motor.

  4. Manifold absolute pressure

  5. The sensor is a strain-type sensor that sends a dynamic voltage waveform to the PCM.

  1. Programming control panel 4 key combinations, set hundreds of courses, faults, problems, faults, reset to zero input.

  2. The ignition coil controls its boost and transformer by the ignition module.

  3. Toggle switch pull-up / pull-down circuit.

  1. Ignition Switch

  2. RS-232 input

  3. Battery for controlling voltage output in the event of a set fault.

Diagnostic button:

  1. Rich fuel: rich air-fuel ratio

  2. Lean fuel: lean air-fuel ratio

  3. Timing light: check ignition timing basic / advance / delay

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